Collection/Donor: Brochures, Flyers & Pamphlets

Location: Main Building – Kitchen – Brochure’s binder

Description: The first item is a booklet published in 1974 by the Jackson Chamber of Commerce that details Jackson’s population statistics and other census data as well as labor outlooks and statistics.

The second item is a community service manual from 1993 published by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Auxiliary. It details government resources related to emergency services, drug abuse, child abuse and neglect, AIDS and crime prevention. The manual also contains ads for many Jackson County businesses – including some that are no longer in business.

The third item is a community resources directory containing names and phone numbers for a variety of community services, clubs, agencies, and scholarships. Publication year is unknown.

Items: 0021: 1974 A Community in Action: Jackson Ohio booklet 0037: 1993 Community services manual by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Auxiliary 0049: Community resources directory for Jackson County.

Time Period: 1900s, 1974, & 1993

Archived by Ashley Aldrich