Collection/Donor: Jackson County History / William Rhoad

Location: Main Building – Art Room Bookshelf

Description: “A History of Jackson County, Ohio” was written by Daniel Webster Williams in 1900. The copy donated by Mr. Rhoad is a reprint sponsored by The Jackson County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society from August 1981. This book belonged to Mr. Rhoad’s father Dan.

The second book, “Geology Survey of Ohio” by Wilbur Stout was published in 1916. This book has James McKitterick’s signature in two different places. The book was given to Mr. Rhoad by William C. Martin in the 1980s.

Items: 0001: “Geology Survey of Ohio: by Wilbur Stout; 0002: “A History of Jackson County, Ohio” by Daniel Webster Williams.

Time Period: 1900 and 1916

Archived by Ashley Aldrich