Collection/Donor: In Memory of Paul & Helen Kruger/Gary Kruger

In-House Location: main building, various rooms

Description: various items from a family’s life in Jackson;

.1-.7 kitchen items: kitchen scale, coffee grinder, cast iron skillets (2), Heteredyne Radio, Spartan Fan, magazine rack;

.12&.13: Osky Wows of Kinnison High School 1927 & 1928; .14&.15 Osky Wows of Jackson High School 1929 & 1930;

.21 b/w photograph of 1918 threshing in Jackson County (as recorded on back of photo), unknown location, features 3 unknown women in a line posing next to five unknown men working with an unknown variety of grain;

.22 sepia photograph of house/lawn party possibly in Jackson potentially at the corner of Main and Columbia streets, no names, no date.

Time Period: 20th century

Archived by Megan Malone