Collection/Donor: Ben Jones

In-House Location: main building, McCoy Cabinet, athletic binder

Description: Jackson High School football banquet programs both held at the Cambrian Hotel

.39: banquet program for Southeastern Ohio Championship Team! of Jackson High School 1927 Appreciation Business Men of Jackson, December 15, 1927, 9×5.5. program, red card stock front and back covers, two pages inside, names of players listed by first initial and last name, song lyrics on back pages including reference to Frank Crumit, menu also listed.

.40: banquet program for Jackson High School football team, 1927, 7×5.25 , light blue paper 2 inside pages, players full names and positions listed, full menu listed along with undefeated season game scores, some handwriting on back cover page with admonition to “Start Boosting Now for the 1928 team”.

Time Period: December 1927

Archived by Megan Malone