Collection/Donor: Kathy (Ward) Callahan

In-House Location:

Description: WWII dress uniform belonging to Earl Scott Leienberger  (1919-  ) Army Air Corps with patches, stripes, pins and bars.

.100 Army hat with leather brim; .101 long sleeve dress shirt; .102 tie; .103 suit jacket with awards & patches, ‘Eisenhower jacket’; .104 pants (34w, 31length); .105 heavy wool overcoat;

.106 Army Separation Qualification Record, 7 Dec. 1945; .107 how to collect insurance paperwork from Drew Field, Tampa FL, 1943; .108 Honorable Discharge paper 7 Jan. 1946; .109 Birth Certificate from Cincinnati, OH issued Nov. 10, 1941; .110 zip lock bag containing research papers, 2 uniform pins, one bar and one ring.

Time Period: 1941-1946

Earl married Helen Gillum in Feb. 1941. He was in the South Webster CCC camp when they met. They married in Portsmouth, lived with her parents Lindsey and Cora Gillum until they built their own house, eventually moved to Jackson where he lived until his death. He worked as a laborer for Lee Lyons, Don King Construction, and KCI where he retired. No children, remembered as a quiet and hardworking man.

Archived by Megan Malone