Collection/Donor: John and Naomi Worthington family

In-House Location: main building, McCoy cabinet, black binder Activities

Description: programs from FFA convention and banquets

.244 program from Oct. 12-15, 1953 FFA national covention, Kansas City Missouri, 25th anniversary 1928-1953, blue and silver cover;

.245 program from Jackson HS FFA banquet, 1975-76 school year officer with 1976-77 school year officers also notes, LOTS of names, greetings from County Agent Ed Volburn, notes in blue ink by John Worthington Superintendent of Jackson City Schools.

.246 program from Jackson HS FFA banquet, 1984-85 school year officers with 1985-86 school year officers noted.

Time Period: 1953, 1975-1977, 1984-1986.

Archived by Megan Malone