Collection/Donor: Mark Ross

In-House Location:  main building, second floor, main room shelves

Description: variety of books;

.027 Brave Defense by William P. Chipmon;

.028 The Good News by H. Silleman;

.029 Primer of Sanitation & Physiology by Rilche;

.030 The Loin of the North;

.301 Trees, Stars and Birds by Edwin Lincoln Masley;

.032 The Girl Scouts Party by Katherine Keene;

.033 The Elson Readers book eight;

.034 New World Speller, third book;

.035 The River Bryson by S. Wales;

.036 The Original Horseman of the Plain by Owen Wisle;

.037 History of American People;

.038 Jones on a Farm in Summer;

.039 Ladies in Making America by Cordy;

.40 New Picture Book in English Composition;

.42 The Works of E.P. Roe (book barriers burned away);

.43 Elson Grammar School reader, book three.

Time Period:

Archived by Megan Malone