Collection/Donor: Roger Carter

In-House Location: plastic box, kitchen cupboard.

Description:  paper materials from Iron Bank of Jackson.

.001 bank card for collection, “Respectfully, Heber Lloyd, Cashier” handwritten bank history on back in ink;

.002 Certificates of Deposit envelope;

.003 torn check/promisory note $2,000.00 8% payable annually, dated 1892;

.004 check made payable to B.B. Evans fpr $100.00 May 1, 1893 signed on back B.B. Evans Trustee;

.005 envelope RETURN TO THE IRON BANK , postage paid 1 cent handwritten L.V. Brown City;

.006 blank check dated “187_”;

.007 cancelled check dated June 16, 1893, $20.00 pay to Logan and Parry

Time Period: circa 1890s.

Archived by Megan Malone